Crash Landing EP

by Almost Alien

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Debut release from Saskatchewan pop punk band Almost Alien. A colourful reflection of the 90s era pop-punk scene, with an emphasis on catchy lyrics and upbeat rhythms. Hitting heavy topics from break-ups to lives in ruin, this album is sure to hit home.


released May 27, 2016

Written By: Almost Alien (Curtis Vanthuyne, Colby Middleton, Danny Owens, Andrew Ens)
Recorded By: John Paul Peters at Private Ear Recording, Winnipeg, MB
Produced By: Almost Alien, John Paul Peters
Mastered By: Jamie Sitar



all rights reserved


Almost Alien regina, Saskatchewan

Energy charged pop punk band heavily influenced by the 90s pop punk era and iconic bands such as Blink 182, Cartel and Motion City Soundtrack... They remain on the front line of the never ending fight to keep pop punk alive.
Keep your eyes on the skies as these pop punk trail blazers take flight and plan to destroy everything in their path with the release of their debut EP “Crash Landing”.
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Track Name: Back To Hell
Look back at everything, and take back what you've done. You regret everything even though you were the only one who succumbed to this, but still you try to run in the wrong direction, thinking it might get you where you want.

And I've got a story to tell, but bringing it up means bringing me back to hell. And I've found a way to define this broken guy you've left behind.

Look back for anything to me to define a single shred of happiness but nothing, no nothing comes to mind. And I'm afraid that one day I'm gonna have to see your face and everything, everything will change.
Track Name: Frankencharlie
There's a place under the bridge where all my friends hang out, but I don't get invited, no I don't get invited.
There's a hole on the front of my head where all my thoughts fall out, they remain unrecited, so don't get too excited.

And it doesn't seem to matter that I'm not okay. And it doesn't seem to matter that I never, ever get my way.
But I've been trying while you've been lying. I guess I'll never learn.

It means absolutely nothing that I saved the day. It means absolutely nothing up until the day that I am gone and you'll see...

That I always have the very best of intentions don't you know? That's why I'm not letting go. So don't forget, don't move on and see what you shouldn't see. 'Cause you'd be nothing without me.

There's a place right down the hall where all the freaks hang out. Right next to the payphone that's upside down. We'd watch all the stupid people walk around, and around, and around.
But I'm still trying, while you've been lying. I guess I'll never learn.
Track Name: Run
He's taking a ride on the interstate of crazy mind. Believe me, he ain't right. He's got a tick in his brain, he's made for suicide. Illuminating the walls, his shadow shifts but I don't see any light. A huge excuse, I believe. The angel on your shoulder was killed by the devil in me.

(Save your breath and run)
'Cause he's coming for you.
(Hide and bite your tongue)
'Cause he's our for blood.

Take a look around. All this brightened landscape around us. What a beautiful sight, you can hear the echoes in the distance. Follow me to the end, count your blessings, your presence astounds me. Things are heating up, one more second, we'll burn it to the ground.
Track Name: I Was Wrong
There's only so much I can say about what I think about day to day. It leaves me feeling so alone. I guess I'll have to just pretend nothing ever comes to an end, there's just some thing I'll never know.
And everytime I feel the weight of all your words cross through mg mind, I feel we're running out of time.

So stay real close, don't let me know one day you might let go. I have bigger problems than this I tell you, I never thought that I would fail you. I guess that I was wrong.

And it gets harder by the day, living a life that is so fake. I'm just not sure of it anymore. You question every move I make, I get so mad I start to shake. I wanna walk right out the door.
Track Name: Billy
Over and over again I'm seeing way to many friends come close, but fall right off the edge. If only there was way, that we could change what we have made and live through our darkest of days.

If only I tried to save your life, I might have been the one to end these tears. I saw the perfect time but couldn't make up mind, so I sat there watching all those years.

I kinda feel like it's no big deal, we know you did this to yourself. I remember pleasant conversations but back then you were someone else. Apologies are pointless now so save your breath. Just keep living that life of yours inside your head.

If only I tried to save your life, I might have been the one to end these tears. I saw the perfect time but couldn't make up mind, so I sat there watching all those years.

... And years go by, but still Im wondering. Oh yeah, still to some degree Im just not sure of you and I. You tried recovering, but started crumbling beneath the weight of your lies.

It's not like it used to be...
Track Name: Hole In The Wall
I've gotta go home, but I don't have a ride there.
I've gotta go home, but I'd much rather stay here because I live with a bunch of assholes. My friends are a bunch of assholes. I live with a bunch of assholes, they've made it really clear.

Can we make a decision please? Im tired of contemplating cleaning up your mess around the house while you're in there masturbating. Yeah, you've gone way to far to make a change. Oh, you've gone way too far to save your name.

I've got a problem, but I don't know where to start. I've got a lot of em yeah, my life is falling apart. At least there's no more assholes. At least I got rid of the assholes. Fuck those fucking assholes. Fuck those fucking fucks.